New Jersey-based indie pop-rock band Wyland released the single “Butterflies” in late 2015. The track is the second single from their upcoming EP In A Sea Of Things Unsaid, set to drop in early 2016. The following is what Ryan Sloan had to say:

Wyland image 2

In A Sea Of Things Unsaid is a result of the last year we spent together as mates on and off the stage. It has all the blood, sweat and tears from our time on the road to the endless nights in the New Jersey music scene.”

“The new record was recorded very organically. Our producers Jon and Erik were very adamant about capturing everything, live synths and all. So that’s what we did.”

Where it was recorded: “We tracked the better half of the EP at Lakehouse Studios in Asbury Park under the supervision of Jon Leidersdorff and Erik Romero. Jon served as producer on the project and kicked us in the ass when we needed it while brilliant Erik assisted in bringing all the wacky ideas we had to life. The rest of the tracking and mixing was done with the magnificent Pat Noon of Eight Sixteen Studios in Berkley Township. Pat took us on and basically added the icing to the cake. It was quite a lovely thing really, the whole experience. Wouldn’t change a minute of it.”

Songs: “Each song really tells its own story you know? I’m not sure I want to give you my side of it because I personally don’t like finding out what songs I love are about because it ruins my interpretation of it. I’d much rather the listener find their own story in each song and if they can’t then we failed as storytellers.”