Singer, songwriter and music producer Voyce is based out of Montreal, QC and officially embarked on his musical journey in 2008.

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How did your musical influence in singing and songwriting begin?
Voyce*: “I’ve always known that music was a part of me but truthfully I didn’t always know to what extent. At the beginning of this journey I was determined to make a career out my natural talent, but at the time that’s all it was, a talent, something I was good at. Music truly embedded itself in me as more than just that but as a means to save me from myself after my mum passed away in 2010. It became the only means to deal with that pain. I was lost in myself and in many ways still am, and through melody and lyrics I gave myself an outlet, a way out of the dark. Music became my emotional response to life and since then I’ve been pouring who I am into it in hopes to fully find myself again and at the same time give hope to those who like me need to be found.”

How did you meet the people that have helped you create the latest recordings?
Voyce*: “The latest project is in truth a combination of two projects, the first Alone in a Crowd: Angels | Demons is a 45-track self-produced album. It tells the story of Stephen (my real name) and serves as an autobiography of my life from 2010 up until now. It deals with a very conflicted mind, one seeking answers. It was released on October 25th 2015. People always ask me “Why 45 songs?” and honestly considering the time it took to put this all together it could have been much longer. That time frame represented a very unstable time for me, seeing the loss of my mum, the end of a very long term relationship and my first record deal signing. It is this and many conflicted emotions that gave birth to this body of work and each song represents a piece of a distorted picture. For reasons I choose not to disclose, out of respect to the parties involved, the record deal I had signed didn’t pan out and ended up setting me back 3 years, which brings me to 2013.”

“It is in that year that I met Sookz, a very talented fellow Montreal-based producer through a mutual acquaintance. I was instantly drawn to his instrumentals because in them he captured not only amazing musical pieces but also raw emotion. As an emotionally driven artist myself I resonated instantly with his work. This collaboration gave birth to “Hidden in Plain Sight: King of the Sand Castle”, the pseudo-sequel to the first project. The project, which was released December 15th 2015, gave Voyce* a chance to speak his mind. Up until 2013 Voyce* had been telling Stephen’s story and it began to take a toll on him. While Stephen remained in the background, Voyce* had been his face to the crowd. By letting Sookz drive this project, Voyce* was all able to talk about the blinding of the spotlight. “Alone in a Crowd” and “Hidden in Plain Sight” tell both sides to the same story, this is why it was important they both be released in such short window spans from each other.”

“Sookz has in many ways become more to me than just a producer, he is a friend and a brother and I owe him so much. Had I not met him when I did, I may have walked away from this crazy dream. Little known to most, Sookz also mastered “Alone in a Crowd”.

What would you like to say about the 2015 releases and how everything evolved?
Voyce*: “Apart from both albums, in 2015 I collaborated with artists and producers both nationally and internationally and to feel accepted by them is humbling. I’ve been on this road for such a long time and the journey has been filled with doubt and overwhelming fear. Getting to this point and seeing how receptive people have been to my madness has allowed me to remember why I do what I do. After almost a 5 year hiatus, I’ve once again faced the crowd on stage and seeing them accept me for who I am, that is enough to make this alien feel right at home, right here on Earth.”

What organizations, promoters and people have helped get the new music heard?
Voyce*: “This year alone I’ve been lucky to have power houses and media outlets like Kloud9 Agency, The Hype Magazine, Streetkode, The Concordian, This Is My Experience, Girls on Games, Rampant Design, Hidden Gem Music Promo, Ubisoft and so many more stand behind me and that is something I never imagined possible. To me, music has always been a very personal experience and to see so many teams not only believe in me but also connect with my art is beyond words. But as I mentioned above what’s even more humbling is the crowd, the fans that keep growing and keep pushing my music, they make all this worth it. There is no better feeling than standing on stage and just being accepted.”

What were the highs while creating and performing the new music? What were the lows?
Voyce*: “The highs are many but the greatest one is finally having these projects that have been years in the making finally see the light of day. There were moments when I thought I was chasing a moving goal I could never reach. For the first time in a very long time I feel at peace.”

“The greatest low is knowing my mum isn’t physically here to witness this all with me but I know she’d be proud so I guess that’s good enough.”

Are there any music videos being worked on or planned?
Voyce*: “We do have future music videos planned but just like the albums they will be far from conventional in the sense that they may or may not be music videos per say. That’s all I can say about that – for now anyway.”

What else do you have going on in the future?
Voyce*: “There are projects I wish I could talk about right now but sadly I can’t. But there are many surprises to come in 2016 that’s for sure. I’m always thinking of the next race even when I’m enjoying the quick victory lap.”

What would you like to have going on in the future?
Voyce*: “I’d like to reach a point when I can commit myself fully to this crazy dream. Let’s just say the many sleepless nights begin to take a toll but it’s a toll I’d gladly pay.”

Are there any values/beliefs that you want to disclose?
Voyce*: “Life isn’t always going to be easy, there will be many moments of doubt and confusion. It’s in those moments that you need to dip deep to find yourself lost in yourself. Those are the moments that’ll ultimately define you.”

Video: “Beautiful Pain”