Vandfald Music

Photo Credit: Vandfald

Vandfald, a band out of Dallas, Texas; has a new album release titled Fall Out. There is also a music video titled “Kingdom”. Check out the links below for more info.


Matthew Lucas: “I am a singer/song writer, and keyboard/lead singer in a local band out of Dallas named Vandfald. We are looking for promotion/marketing support and/or anything to push us to the next level. Currently we just released a music video/Single/and a full length album entitle “Fall Out”. If you are interested you can visit our website at:

“We already have an established logo, t-shirt designs, stickers, website, album artwork, etc. We just need to reach far and wide. We write all original material. I believe our music has the capability to be shared by millions, we just need to get our name and music out there as quick as possible.”

Album: Fall Out

Video: “Kingdom”


Photo Credit: Vandfald