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Van Damsel – New Music & Interview

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The alternative rock quartet Van Damsel released their self-titled debut LP on April 22nd, 2016 with MIH Entertainment Group. The band is comprised of bassist Matthew “Renny” Rennehan, drummer Matthew Barron, guitarist Rich Bregoliss, and singer Sebastien Ste Marie.

The band previously released a few EPs and leading up to the 2016 album, the group released music videos for the songs “Sophia” and “Best Of Everything”.

Interview With Vocalist Sebastien Ste Marie:

(Questions by Zephyr Morgan)

Where was the new LP recorded?
“Most of the album was recorded at Echoplant Studios in Vancouver. However, many of the synths sounds, synthetic percussion, and even some guitar and vocals were created and recorded by us on our computers at home in Kamloops.”

Where was it mixed and mastered?
“The album was mixed at Echoplant Studios by our producer, Ryan Worsley. It was mastered in Los Angeles by Brian “Big Bass” Gardner.”

Who did the album artwork?
“The artwork was done by Joshua Laplap, Stephanie Patsula, and our very own, Richard Bregoliss.”

How has the Canadian Tour been going?
“Great! Best tour we have been on! We have been playing to larger and more enthusiastic audiences at better venues than our two previous Canadian tours. We have also been more organized, less rushed, and more healthy. As a result, we are having lots of fun!”

How’d it go filming music video(s) while in LA? What song(s)?
“We filmed a video for our latest single, “Domino”. The experience was really special. It felt like a legitimate Los Angeles filming experience–the type shown in the movies: filming in a dingy warehouse in some run down part of LA with a big, diverse crew. It was awesome! We were also filmed by the Jam In The Van crew at Coachella. We performed “Best of Everything” and “Domino” for them. The experience was initially a bit stressful as we were required to rent equipment which meant dialing in our sound on the fly with slightly different gear than what we are used to, but in the end it turned out really well.”

Van Damsel Opa Promo

What would you say is your most popular song right now?
“It was “Best of Everything” for a while, but “Domino” is starting to take over. I think at the moment it’s a toss up between the two.”

What was your favorite experience while in the United States?
“Ohhhh this is tough… Our week in LA was just an awesome experience as a whole. It’s tough to pick a favourite (added the “u” because we’re Canadian eh), but it would have to be travelling around LA and meeting our team–getting that face-to-face interaction with an awesome group of people in a strange, chaotic, amazing city that we instantly loved.”

Any word on a U.S. tour?
“Working on it. It’s coming…”

Do you have another album in the works already?
“We are in the early phases of creating a new album. Just really experimenting now with no limitations. Creating is probably our favourite part of being in a band, so it’s fun to start the process again. Of course, we have been really busy with promoting and touring our latest project.”

Has Van Damsel been picked up for radio play on Adult Contemporary stations in the U.S., can you confirm this/tell us about it?
“We can confirm it! Our track “Domino” is currently sitting at #39 on AC format radio across the USA.”

Besides Kamloops, what city in Canada goes the craziest for you?
“It would have to be Vancouver, but Winnipeg isn’t too far behind Van City with the craziness–we love both cities!”

Video: “Sophia”

Video: “Best Of Everything”

Photo Credits: Jens Kristian Balle