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Us Commoners – New Music

Us Commoners is from Kingston, New York and is comprised of Wayne Nuessle (vocals, acoustic guitar, songwriter) and Bernadette Marnell-Palumbo (vocals, songwriter). Us Commoners released “A Long Road Back Around”, a follow-up to their earlier summer track in 2016, “The Hot Spot”, both of which are from their debut EP, set for release in late 2016 on Triptofind Records. In addition, the duo is joined by a team of music industry veterans: producer/engineer/multi-instrumentalist Jean-Christophe Santalis (platinum record recipient for American Authors’ “Best Day of My Life”), keyboardist Clifford Carter (James Taylor, Natalie Cole, Paul Simon) and guitarist Eli Menezes (Lauryn Hill, Trey Songz, Ayo).

Quote from Wayne Nuessle about “A Long Road Back Around”: “This song was written on an upright grand that was gifted to my family by a local church. Early on in the writing process the piano layer under the verse vocal sounded quite R & B to me… I thought that was cool and tried to maintain that direction… The chorus went unwritten for a long time. As I always do, I played the instrumental track as I drove around… working out vocal styles. My alternative leanings took hold for the chorus and I was never able to revert back. To my taste, the chorus I came up with was too great to pass on… Even as it was taking the song in a new direction and far away from where I initially thought I’d be. As it turns out I’m thrilled with with where it all landed.”