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“Ranging from shameless pop to wobbly blues, and with a sly wink to everything from doo-wop to grunge, The Wayside Shakeup offers a cross-section of songs tied together by players who want, simply, to make music that they would want to listen to. Groove out, belt out, chill out. The hooks are there to do with as you please, so feel free to sing along.” (The Wayside Shakeup) Photo Credit: The Wayside Shakeup

BIO: The Wayside Shakeup kicked off in a small apartment in Haddon Township, NJ, a few miles outside of the City of Brotherly Love, in 2003. Friends Chris D’Antonio and Rob Volansky bypassed a typical cover list to write a handful of original tunes, one of which ended up as a centerpiece on their self-titled debut album.

After an initial creative spark, they went their separate ways for a couple years as Rob headed overseas and Chris took root in South Philadelphia. The duo reunited in 2007 and began a prolific period writing new songs, funking up old ones, and playing live shows throughout South Jersey and Philadelphia. In 2011, they expanded the line-up with a masterful trio of John McLeod on bass, Mike Leger on drums, and Eric Raible on keyboards.

Diverse musical and artistic influences fuel the sound of The Wayside Shakeup. D’Antonio grew up on doo-wop and Motown while Volansky is a product of Pearl Jam and Led Zepplin. Leger, McLeod and Raible often joke about starting a Marilion cover band (Prog!) and each has deep roots in jazz and funk jams. Together, they create a melodic sound of power-pop ballads with soaring harmonies and energy that make crowds move. (Written by The Wayside Shakeup)

Video: “Avalon”

Album: The Wayside Shakeup (released 8/18/2011)


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