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The String Cheese Incident – New Music

The String Cheese Incident

Colorado’s own String Cheese Incident has ceased to amaze its audience with jam-based tunes for over 20 years. More recently the band went back into the studio, or lab as they call it, and made their new music available for free download and streaming to their website ( and Soundcloud. The album has a delicious amalgamation of slow and meaningful songs like “Down a River” and “My One and Only” to more funk led tunes, like “Believe”. From the SCI website, they state: “In the coming months we are going to be releasing a bunch more music and other treats. We have six more studio tracks we recorded with Jerry that will be coming out very soon. But, the SCI Sound Lab is intended to be a place where we can continue to experiment with a wide array of different recording concepts. One day, we might put up demos of new songs we are working on. The next, we might put up some dance mixes of previously released songs. We will also be going into the archives to find some band selected live material. The exciting part is that this will be a completely open space for creatively.”

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Content Credit: Christopher Majcher