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Rachel Garcia and Thu Tran are the Los Angeles-based duo, The Singer and The Songwriter. Their music blends elements of jazz and folk to create vibrant songs with rich, heartfelt storytelling.

They met during college in San Francisco, and eventually moved to Los Angeles together. This move became the main inspiration for their debut album, What A Difference A Melody Makes, which was released in 2014 to critical acclaim. Now, in 2016, they are readying the release of their follow-up EP, Ballads for Trying Times. The following is what they had to say:

Ballads for Trying Times (as the title might suggest) is a collection of songs that candidly captures our current emotional and artistic mood. While our first album, What A Difference A Melody Makes (2014), was inspired by our move from San Francisco to Los Angeles, and all of the hope, potential and challenges that go along with journeying to a new place, Ballads reflects the sobering feeling that comes after arriving at that destination – disheartenment, vulnerability, disquiet. These songs were an opportunity for us to work through our own feelings of conflict and confusion, and we hope that these sentiments might ring true and familiar for the listener.

Ballads also represents a new writing approach for us. Though our band name is a nod to the process that initially helped form our partnership, our writing process has developed since. Our name has evolved with us and serves as a reminder to ourselves to focus on the most essential parts of our band: voice and songcraft. Both of us still identify ourselves as “singer” and “songwriter,” respectively, but our process has become more collaborative, often involving a volley back and forth with both members making lyrical and melodic edits over the course of weeks until the song is done. Every song on Ballads, save one, was co-written, which has brought about the most honest and intimate songs we’ve ever created.”

The Singer and The Songwriter recorded Ballads over the course of 5 days at Narnack Studios in Los Angeles with producer Griffin Rodriguez (Beirut). They will be embarking on their first national US Tour this year in support of this exciting new release.

Video: “Nights & Weekends”