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The Olés are based out of Santa Barbara, CA and have been spreading the love of music through the Southwest and have been ever more expanding to new ears, stages and sound achievements in recording and collaborating with performing artists. The band will be performing at the California Roots Festival (May 27-29, 2016)in the line up with many artists including Atmosphere. The following is what guitarist and vocalist Cole Leksan of The Olés had to say about the new music video released, which is a cover of Atmosphere’s song “Sunshine” :

“The reason Sunshine was picked as our first recorded cover is because this song has very impactful lyrics. Atmosphere as a group combines a laid back tone with lyrical imagery that is unparalleled. Our band hopes to have this type of prowess someday- we find the lyrics to be a crucial aspect of our musicality.

Cole Leksan

This was a song that started off as a cover that we would perform at parties. We used to play it almost exactly as the original sounds, with piano and all, but soon the song transformed into our own style. We found that crowds loved hearing the song and we knew it had to get recorded in a professional setting. As a new song for our band, our ultimate goal is just to get Slug and Ant from Atmosphere to hear the track.

The song was re-worked by us when we lived in Isla Vista, and we recorded it in Santa Barbara at Playback Recording Studio. The music video was produced by our good friend out of Isla Vista, Paul Otte.”

Video: “Sunshine”

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