The Max Tribe


Boston-based rock band The Max Tribe released their LP Retrofit in August of 2017, with the title track “Hello” being released weeks prior. About the track, vocalist Austin Max says “It started as a love song, but towards the end of the writing process it turned into a breakup song surrounding an affair. It’s somewhat dark, yet has a bright chorus that reflects how the antagonist’s bad choices are clear and transparent.”

The Tribe was born in 2013 when Nashville native Austin Max (Guitar/Vox) united with Northern Virginia Native Conner Kessler (Drums) at music school in Boston. For a year they developed a psych sound playing around New England. Their debut single, “Tape Machine” was featured on Sound of Boston as one of the top 5 releases of 2015. Max, Kessler linked up with Noah Lubert (Keys/Vox) and Rafael Minerbo (Bass) in 2016. Noah and Rafa contributed to form the intertwined charisma that became the group’s signature psych sound. Over the course of 15 months, the Tribe wrote and recorded their debut LP Retrofit at 1867 studios.