The Majorleans – New Music

Brooklyn-based, indie rock group ​​The Majorleans released the video ​​“Sunrise Mary​” in early September of 2016. The song is the first single from their upcoming sophomore album ​​Carouser’s End, a collection of songs produced with collaborator​​ Chris Buckle and Michael Tudor. The songs were written during an extended stay in the south of Franc​e.

Interview with Nicky Francis

How did the current band members meet and what things helped the synergy and collaborative mental evolution in creativity and keeping the right mood going?
“Chris and I met through a mutual friend. I was playing with a previous incarnation of the project and he came out to a show. He had some ideas about the future, and I was ready to hear them. We ended up talking music in the wee hours over gin and painkillers at the now gone East Village haunt Boxcar. We auditioned a few people but it became clear very quickly that the only drummer with the perfect feel for us was Colin Brooks. He brought in his boy Christian and la la la. The process really starts with Chris and I and we just agree on feel, which is most important. We argue and fight over the aesthetic trappings/executions but we always know when the rhythmic vibe is right.”

What has changed or stayed the same between creating the first and second album?
“We did more of this one live, in terms of basic tracks. We went in a different direction with some of the reverbs and guitar tones as well. This one is a little brighter, a little more sweet in terms of melody.”

How did being in France and collaborating with new people add to the overall feeling of the composition “Sunrise Mary” and others?
“I was actually just writing by myself over there. I need to have bubble time to get the diamonds out of the sky, and hiding out in the South of France is a great place to do that.”

Who helped put together the music video and what meanings or emotions are of personal meaning to you?
“The credit for the video belongs squarely in front of Craig Teper. He took my treatment and made it come alive. He’s a genius director and documentary filmmaker. We were really lucky he’s a friend and wanted to do this project with us. Also our non-actor actors Chrissy Business and Roger McClean gave us exactly the performances we had hoped for.”

What have been some of the highlights over the past year or two and what are you looking forward to?
“Working with Bassy Bob Brockmann on the first album and Michael Tudor on the second. They are both amazing engineers with a history of being involved in serious music in NYC. Looking forward, I hope we can get these songs out to a larger audience and attract some booking interest for larger shows.”

What would you like to have going on in the future?
“Limos, hotel parties, motorcycle trips through South America (kidding/not kidding). We just want to see the music and the stories get out there to as many people as possible and get a chance to bring our live show to the big stage, I think we are ready for it.”

What special thanks would you like to give?
“Special thanks on this coming album to Michael Tudor. We had a great time mixing the songs with him and he was a gracious host in having us stay with him at his studio/house up in Woodstock a few times in the winter.”