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The Luck – New Music & Interview

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Rock duo The Luck is comprised of London-born brother and sister, Max & Esmay Luck. Their single “True North” was released on July 29th, 2016. “True North” is the title track from their upcoming EP, to be released in late 2016. As children, they both sang in choirs and learned to play an array of instruments, including cello, harp, piano, guitar and bass. In 2011, after blending their individual talents and becoming The Luck, the duo captivated crowds at hundreds of shows around the UK and Europe before heading to California to write, record, and perform in 2014. As of the summer of 2016, the two are currently recording the rest of their upcoming EP alongside Paul Broucek, President of Music at Warner Brothers Pictures, and three-time Grammy Award-winning engineer/mixer, Ed Cherney (The Rolling Stones, Bonnie Raitt, Eric Clapton).

Interview with Max & Esmay Luck

How would you describe your creative evolution as a duo leading up to the 2016 single release “True North”?
Max: “This is a huge question! Well it all started with the vocal harmonies, something we didn’t discover until we wrote a song together called Bricks in 2011 which inspired us to become a duo in the first place. People kept commenting on how much they loved the blend of our voices and it was something that came quite instinctively, so we just went from there.”
Esmay: “And the last few years has been spent honing that blend, exploring different uses of our vocal ranges and developing a style of percussive guitar and rhythmic bass lines. We’ve also just been writing a lot of songs, thinking up melodies, chords and lyrics and meshing ideas together to hone the message and vibe of our music. Fleetwood Mac have definitely influenced the melody and chord structures. We have always written a mix up of tempo songs and softer ballads – that’s remained a constant, as has swapping who takes the lead line song to song…”
Max: “We wanted to develop our sound, build it and then simplify, focus it, concentrate it to make it more powerful. That goes for our sound as artists as well. True North and indeed a lot of the songs we have written are built at home, the arrangements recorded on logic with a basic mic that we won in a songwriting competition in Nashville. Lyrically, more and more of our songs reflect the personal development we have been going through…. Not knowing what you want to do with your life, what’s going to happen, hoping it will all be ok. Many of the songs are about trying to figure out where to go from here and searching inside for that belief to continue. As a result it felt natural to lead with the release of True North – a song about following your inner compass, your heart, your conviction, doing what feels right. We hope people can relate to the lyrics and that they might even be able to help people going through the same growing pains we have felt.”

Where was the single recorded and who added to the production?
Max: “Well, we wrote True North in California with Kevin Savigar – who is actually British, so we felt right at home and ended up having the most fun we have ever had in a writing sesh. We finished the song in a couple of hours and made the demo with him, before adding a couple more parts at home… Including some big, driven telecaster chords plowing through the choruses. Anyway, a few months later we went into the Igloo in Burbank CA and recorded with the highly talented engineer, Jay Marcowitz. His attention to sonic detail is what made the raw parts of these songs so great. The track was executive produced by Paul Broucek and mixed by legend, Ed Cherney. Under their guidance we have come out with a track we are all very proud of.”

What is planned for the near future? What would you like to have going on in the future?
Esmay: “Over the next two months we are releasing the other 3 tracks from the EP – ‘Vertigo’ is out next, then ‘If this is Love’ and ‘Holding On’ by end of September. We also have street performances lined up at Pier 39 in SF late August/beginning of September and an LA show on 28 September at Hotel Cafe! Hoping to head to Nashville later in the year too. We want to be playing live as much as possible and recording the rest of our debut album!”

What has helped The Luck gain recognition recently?
Max: “Mainly street performing and getting support and feedback from our fans! We are also lucky to have a great team working with us who have helped get us into the studio and produce this EP so we can get our music out online!”

Are there any bands that have been performing with The Luck on more than one occasion is the U.S.? Any venues that have been exciting?
Max: “Love the Charming Liars! Played with them at the Troubadour and would have loved to join them again in August but we are in London for the month.. The Troubadour is a great venue!”
Esmay: “Yeah, it has a really cool history too, so it felt really good to be standing on that stage. House of Blues in Chicago was also a great experience!”

Is there any special thanks that you would like to give to anyone?
Max: “There are so many people!! Kevin and Kimm who we met a couple of years ago at a performance of ours have made this all possible.”
Esmay: “As has Paul Broucek and Ed Cherney… and Mum and Dad! Without their continued moral support to go for it, we wouldn’t be here.”

Is there anything else that you would like to say?
Max: “Yes! If you like the tracks please follow us online and tell everyone about The Luck! Our website is and there are links to our social sites there.”
Esmay: “We also have snapchat and do live streams on Facebook – @theluckmusic All the support and encouragement from our fans feels like a blessing and is so appreciated!”