The Kin – New Music

The band The Kin was originally formed by brothers Isaac and Thorald Koren from Adelaide, Australia, and later joined by NYC drummer Mark “Shakerleg” Nicosia whom they discovered in a Times Square subway station. After 10+ years of creating and performing their music, the alternative rock trio are announcing that their album Modern Primitive will be their last. Officially out on January 27, 2017, this album is their eighth commercial release and the follow up to their 2013 Get On It EP.

Isaac Koren of The Kin states that: “We’ve toured a lot and developed a habit of coming off the stage and singing with the crowd. We did this so much that we began to fall in love with watching the audience express and create themselves every show. We got so close to our audience that we began to want to include them in our writing process. We decided to open up some of the songs to include the stories of our fans. Half of this new album included the stories of other people and that’s why we feel it is our best work, because it is bigger than us. A lot of music is self absorbed and all about the artist. We have those songs too, but we wanted to expand our palate to include the voices of our audience. It is other people’s expression and humanity that inspires us.”

“Special thanks goes to producers Jon Castelli for his divine patience and persistence. We would also like to give praise to Jimbo Barry for his support writing and production help, his approach felt like boot camp and it is what we needed at the time.”

Isaac talks about their song “Anchor”: “Anchor ⚓️ is a song about being yourself. It was written at a time when the sh*t was hitting the fan for us and we realized that no matter what happened we could always sink into a place of our own gravity, a place that was not swayed by the tides of opinion or change.”

Album: Modern Primitive