The Kentucky Headhunters – New Music

“God Loves A Rolling Stone” is the first single from the Headhunters’ album, On Safari (Released Novemeber 4th, 2016). The band put together the music video for the song and it became publicly available in early March of 2017. The release is a Plowboy Records/Practice House Records joint venture and is the Headhunters’ 12th studio album. The band’s first album, Pickin’ On Nashville, was released in 1989. Their 2015 release Meet Me In Bluesland, included the last vocals ever recorded of the late, great pianist Johnnie Johnson, a legendary keyboardist that collaborated with Chuck Berry.

Richard Young of The Kentucky Headhunters says that “The video for ‘God Loves A Rolling Stone’ is a film for all of humanity. It depicts the struggles that many Americans have endured to keep our country’s spirit great and, in the end, shining. I wrote the song for those who are less fortunate, and the part that God plays in all our lives. In his eyes, we’re all the same. Enough said.”

Album: On Safari