The Energy – New Music

The Energy promo 2

Brooklyn based rock band The Energy is set to release their 5th studio album When We Were Young on April 23rd, 2016. The new music will take a listener through a relaxed, yet hard rock experience. The following is what the band had to say about a few of the tracks –

LOSING MYSELF: “Losing Myself tells a story about what happens to us when we’re stuck in abusive relationships. It’s sort of the opposite of Free, which is about pursuing personal identity. Losing Myself is about losing the self and falling apart.”

WHEN WE WERE YOUNG (title track): “When We Were Young tells the story of looking back at our lives, and realizing how much less powerful and in control we are when we are just kids. At the same time, things seemed simpler and less confusing.”

FREE: “Free tells a story about finding personal liberation from the shackles of conformity and tradition. Through freedom, we experience selfhood and become who we are.”