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The Colored Parade is the musical brainchild of Nashville, TN based songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist Andrew Adkins. Mixing tapestries of sounds, atmospheric textures with lush vocal ambiance and a wide array of musical styles, flavors and elements all add up to create this fresh, new sound and vision called The Colored Parade. “I basically locked myself up in my studio with a few guitars, synths, keys, an assortment of percussion, an 808, a banjo, a sampler and a mandolin and this is what happened!” says Adkins. “I wanted to make an album with lots of shades, emotions, colors and moods constantly moving and shifting. That is where the name ‘Colored Parade’ came from.” The songs from The Colored Parade’s debut release, “…And The Walls Of The City Will Shake” blends and uniquely combines rootsy overtones with currents of electronic-synth, obscure samples, wailing undertones of pedal steel guitar, a barrage of horns with cascades of vocal harmonies.

Video: “Hysterically Speaking”

Album: ..And the Walls of the City Will Shake (released May 6, 2014)


The Colored Parade - Press Image 2014