The Blondies -New Music

The Bay Area rock quintet The Blondies is members Frank Klopotowski, Jerry Feist, Simon Lunche, Isaac Roth with drummers Paul Davis in the studio and Elias Williams for live performances. Their fifth album, Just Another Evening, was released in 2016 and the band is touring through late in the year.

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Vocalist and songwriter Simon Lunche says that “I’ve always been one hundred percent committed to my music, but It wasn’t until recently when I finished high school that I could truly dedicate all my time to it. Being no stranger to the feeling of dissolutionment that arises when looking at the sea of people trying to do the exact same thing as you are, I knew the path I was taking was not an easy one. No matter how many sound engineers, club owners, or press writers say I’ve got a good thing going, there is always a little fear of failure that sits in the back of my head. I guess that’s what happens when you have no plan B. What I’ve discovered is that this little fear is a necessary evil. If I was 100% confident in my success all of the time, I wouldn’t have the same motivation I do now. Like I said, I’ve always loved music, but it wasn’t until I was out of the safety net of school that I really tested my limits. The way I’ve coped with this little fear of failure is to make sure I’m working harder than anybody else at what I do. I’m always practicing, and writing the next song, never getting caught up thinking the one I wrote previously is good enough. I’m always playing shows, talking to people, and thinking about the smartest ways to go about my next steps. Lastly, I’m always believing in the decision I made to make music my life. Sometimes you have to take a risk for the opportunity to be your happiest possible self, and I knew that I would never find the happiest version of me through going to college, and entering the workforce with my peers. For me that happiness lies on the stage and in the studio. So far that decision has really paid off. I’ve been on my first extended tour, played my first international shows, and written tons of new material that will soon become tracks. I’m hoping to have a big new project done in the next many months, and I couldn’t be more excited for the year to come. Until then, I’ll be taking this day by day, song by song.”