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Writer, artist and musician Ryan Bartek wrote the novel The Big Shiny Prison, which was released in late January of 2016. The book includes interviews and appearances with many hard rock bands and is a mix of traveling the US and personal experiences. The book will remain a Free PDF download at the author’s official website (BigShinyPrison.com) and for purchase through Amazon.com. It’s sequel FORTRESS EUROPE (The Big Shiny Prison Vol II) will be released on 3/21/2016. New Millennium Music caught up with Ryan on February 23rd, 2016 in downtown Portland for a talk about the new material and the video can be found at the following YouTube link: youtube.com/thebigshinyprisontalk.

Music: “From the twisted imagination of Detroit’s infamous scoundrel Ryan Bartek comes an avalanche of free music to decimate your eardrums. Posting all his music as free downloads, Ryan Bartek has unleashed a savage unrelenting extreme metal/punk rock assault for the ages in the form the notorious bands Vulture Locust, AKA Mabus and Sasquatch Agnostic. He also is known by the name “The Real Man In Black”.

Photo: Ryan Bartek (Portland, OR 2/23/2016)
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(Writing Credits – Ryan Bartek) (Photo Credit: New Millennium Music)