StarBenders – New Music

Atlanta, GA based band StarBenders is led by front-woman vocalist/guitarist Kimi Shelter and drummer Katie Herron. The band released the track “Down & Out” in January of 2017. The track follows up to their recent album, Heavy Petting released with Institution Records. They discovered bassist Aaronoius Monk outside an infamous Atlanta dive bar after he was booted in the wake of an altercation. Kimi Shelter says: “He was sitting on the curb smoking a cigarette. I sat down and we started talking. We’ve been friends ever since. Guitarist Chris Tokaji was the final member to join. The nineteen year old was jamming in a local rehearsal space when a mutual friend of the band heard his amp through the wall. Kimi was quickly urged to meet him. Chris’s excitement and vibe is contagious….it is pure, inspiring us to go much further with our creative ambitions.”