Spirit City


Spirit City – New Music

Utah‐based band ​Spirit City released the single “Do What You Want” in the late summer of 2016 from the upcoming EP, We’re All Insane, set to be released in October of 2016. The band was formed in Provo, Utah during the fall of 2014. The group is comprised of brothers Nate (vocals, guitar) and Austin Young (synths, backing vocals) and Cori Place (bass). Spirit City frontman Nate Young engineered and mixed We’re All Insane and the band collaborated closely with Stuart Maxfield(Fictionist), who produced the EP.

Spirit City photographed by Trevor Christensen.

Nate Young states that: “Cori and I have been playing together in bands since we were teenagers in middle school (or jr. high). Around 2012, we decided to take music more seriously and the music and band that would become Spirit City began to form. Austin and I are brothers, but it’s funny because as much as we both loved music growing up, we never really wrote or played together until recently. We grew up with similar tastes in music, and finally figured out a couple years ago that we could combine our talents and have a ton of fun writing and performing together.”

“We are super excited to release our new music – the EP is titled We’re All Insane, and will be released in October of this year. We hope anyone who likes our music will stay in touch with us, follow us on social media, and reach out. We love to connect with new fans, and are planning some west coast tour dates this fall which will be released shortly, on our social media pages and website.”

Spirit City photographed by Trevor Christensen.

Photo Credits: Trevor Christensen