Snow Villain


Grant Goldsworthy’s alternative rock project, Snow Villain, released the video “I Don’t Know” ahead of the upcoming EP due out April 27th, 2018. Goldsworthy has been involved in the music industry for almost 15 years and has performed with different bands across Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Boston and New York. Based in Central Pennsylvania, Goldsworthy started to play with other musicians around Philadelphia, New York and Harrisburg, and decided it was time to initiate his own project as Snow Villain in 2015.

Grant Goldsworthy on video concept: “I Don’t Know,” both the track and official music video, serve as an homage to 90’s nostalgia by using soaring, riff-based guitars. The video itself, was comic book inspired, and features a clash between Snow Villain and paradigms of control in today’s world.”

News: “We are very excited to release the first two EPs of Snow Villain this year (Summer and Fall 2018). Also, we are in the middle of editing two more official videos to share with all of you. And, we’ll be performing around Pennsylvania, New York, Washington DC and many more places. Follow us on social media for updates and news! There’s a lot coming soon for Snow Villain fans.”