Skyward -New Music


Photo Credit: Skyward
Bio: Skyward is a big band. Not in the brassy, horn-driven kind of way. More in the epic, anthemic kind of way. With music built around powerful, driving rhythms and soaring lead lines and melodies, Skyward’s sound would not be out of place in large venues in front of large crowds. And yet, their music has an intimate, unifying quality as well. With lyrics written to challenge and inspire listeners, Skyward works to write and perform engaging and impactful music that challenges audiences to search out their purpose and discover their worth. Now armed with their new EP “Drift,” (released on Noisetrade and iTunes April 15, 2014) recorded at Spotlight Sound Studio, Jordan explains that Skyward “is looking to bring their particular blend of epic, melody-driven rock to all kinds of people in all kinds of places.” They may have begun deep in the recesses of Harrisonburg, Virginia, but they are now on their way to bigger and better things. And as they always say, “Go big…”



Photo Credit: Free Floating Media