SikTh – New Music

Watford math core sextet band SikTh released tracks in early 2017 from the album The Future In Whose Eyes?, due to be released on June 2nd on Millennium Night, the newly-created label imprint from Snapper Music, home of Peaceville Records and Kscope. SikTh vocalist and lyricist Mikee W Goodman explains more about the song, the second track revealed from the hugely anticipated new album, saying, “Lyrically, it is inspired by traumatic dreaming. The verses talk from perspective of being in the actual dream, where the choruses are in despair from an awoken perspective. The song itself has a lot of elements of both tradition and new SikTh.” Goodman adds, “Personally, I feel this is our best album yet. From my point, I have written all vocals and lyrics. I have taken myself to some very dark places, commentated on this world as I see it. Also swimming into fictional worlds and dreamscapes. There are some beautiful moments. The band has made incredible music, brutal, technically warped mixed with some psychedelic moments. I think we’ve done something special here.”

Dan Weller, SikTh’s guitarist and producer proudly states, “Ever since SikTh was formed way back at the turn of the century, we’ve tried to self improve as musicians and as songwriters. We take our music very seriously. This record feels like the one we’ve always wanted to make. We spent over a year writing it and pushed ourselves extremely hard — sometimes too hard. Opacities was the rebirth of SikTh but The Future… is our statement. I want this album to define us. I don’t care how over ambitious it sounds — we want this record to be heard by every metal fan on the planet.”