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Shawn Byrne – New Music

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Nashville based singer/songwriter Shawn Byrne released his third project in 2016 and the full-length album Slow Bullet consists of twelve originally written songs. The title track showcases skills from musicians such as bassist Dave Roe (Johnny Cash, Dwight Yokum) pedal steel player Dan Gaylsh (Rodney Atkins) and Fiddle player Eamon McLoughlin (Josh Turner, Ashley Monroe). The following is what Shawn had to say:

“The songs on the Slow Bullet record are mostly about my observations on things I’ve seen on the news and things I’ve witnessed in person. “Diamonds and Coal” for instance was written about the miners who got trapped and lost their lives in West Virginia. “Shackled in Chains” an observation about how small town America is losing its soul to fast food chains and big box marts. “Slow Bullet” about a friend who, for a whole, gave up on life and put the whiskey bottle to his head and pulled the trigger. Though not all the songs are “heavy”. I tried to mix it up with some fun songs too. “Haggard Song” is my tribute to Merle, using as many Haggard song titles in the lyrics to tell the story of what it’s like to move to Nashville and chase this crazy dream.”

“I wanted to record songs that made me laugh and made me cry. The whole range of emotions is represented. And I tried to make it real. Raw. I don’t like to candy coat lyrics. For me it’s gonna be honest and sometimes it’s not pretty. Just like life. Music should make you feel something. I’m so tired of turning on the radio and hearing shallow lyrics. My goal with Slow Bullet was to get as far away from that sad trend as possible.”

“I recorded everything myself. Played everything I could and even mixed it. I’m proud of how it came out. It’s me. It’s everything I have at this point in time in my life.”