Second Still – New Music

Second Still is a three piece post-punk/coldwave band from Los Angeles, CA. Originally formed in late 2014 in Brooklyn, NY, Second Still has been steadily gaining a devout following in the post-punk underground scene ever since. Ryan Walker (guitar) and Alex Hartman (bass) met in 2007 in Los Angeles, and by the time they moved to New York together in 2011, they had recorded a sizable collection of 100+ instrumental demos. After searching high and low for a vocalist that could match their intensity and creative output, they eventually met singer Suki San, and things clicked right away. The band’s first show was a party at the condemned Mckibbin lofts in Brooklyn that the cops shut down halfway through the second song. Early Forms, the bands four song debut EP, was released in March 2016 as a limited edition cassette. Recorded in a barn in upstate New York over three days, the cassette has long since sold out and is now a sought-after gem.

The self-titled album released in early April of 2017 was written in Brooklyn, NY, when the band lived there for a year. The eight-song collection covers themes from depression, frustration, anxiety and alienation — all creative responses to the band members’ struggles during that time.

The band states that “The songs on this album came from a strange place. Sometimes it is easier to scream, but you decide to whisper instead. We really tried not to have too many solo parts and relied more on the sound as a whole. Even though there’s some melodic stuff in there it really is about feeling like you don’t belong to anyone and you dont belong anywhere, like you are always in someone’s way. Hopefully the album can offer a bit of warmth in the cold.”