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Joshua Micah Scott was born August 2nd to a single mother in Akron, Ohio. When he was seven years old, he and his family moved east to Boston, MA where he grew up along side two sisters. There he learned of the rap culture and in the 7th grade began rapping himself. He started recording demo tapes in high school and later began battling for respect in the streets.

At 21 years old Scotti Hitts moved to Las Vegas in search of a career as a rap artist and a respected musician. Recording demos and pitching them to record labels became second nature to him. He went on to win the Hard Rock Hotel talent show at the Joint for a $1,000 prize. Several other notable performances have included venues in L.A., New York City and Boston.

Aside from the performing and recording aspect, Scotti Hitts later began making tracks, writing songs and producing other artists to expand on his resume in the music business. He also wrote and produced his first full length album and sold numerous copies in the streets. With the release of his debut album Seven Days, he showed his diversity as a musician with the ability to write, produce and record his own product. His latest EP That Hott includes a variety of tracks that have proved he is making his way to the top of the industry. Along with videos “I Believe” and “That Hott” getting numerous views on YouTube, he is well on his way.

The song “Insane” was co-produced by Jared Hancock and Scotti Hitts. All parts were recorded at Surefire Studios in Boston, MA.