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Ryan Shupe – New Music & Interview

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(Photo Credit: Bry Cox) Ryan Shupe is a leader, songwriter and lead vocalist in the bluegrass/jam group​ Ryan Shupe & The Rubberband. The group has had a career spanning two decades and going on eight albums, including Dream Big, ​which was released via Capitol Records. Ryan is now promoting the release of his 8th album We Rode On in 2016 and will be on tour (ryanshupe.com). As a father and husband, Ryan’s latest music video “Just Say Yes” was released in the Spring of 2016 around the beginning of wedding season and focuses on and celebrates love, family and maturity.


As a 5th generation fiddle player, how would you describe the dynamics of your compositions?
“I think that coming from a violin/fiddle background gives me a unique take on compositions. I think more melodically and focus on how things sound rather than on the chord structures. Also, when I was young I was encouraged to improvise and hone my proficiency. This helps me think of more technical parts to add to the arrangements and come at it from a more loose approach.”

What were your highs while creating the track and making the music video for “Just Say Yes”?
“I really loved the layering and interaction between the piano, bass and mandolin. It creates a tension building moment that explodes on the chorus of the song. I love how positive and adventurous it sounds. Making the video was really fun. We just jammed out and had a lot of fun. Tracking down the proposal videos to intersperse with the live band footage took a while, but it was well worth it in the end.”

How did you get involved with Capitol Records?
“We had been touring all over the country and ended up playing some shows in Nashville. A producer/friend of mine had some connections with some labels there. We visited a bunch and Capitol was the one that wanted to take a chance on our not so country, jamming rock vibe.”

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What do you have going on in the future and what would you like to have going on in the future?
“We have a new album coming out this year called We Rode On that I’m really excited about. It showcases the rocking side of what we do and I love how it turned out. We are working on some new music videos a creative ways to get the word out. We will continue to tour and build our fanbase. And, of course, world domination is our ultimate goal… haha!”

What has helped you in terms of staying focused and evolving creatively?
“I tend to jump all over the place creatively and so staying focused tends to be a little difficult sometimes. But, for me, I need to take a break and hit the ski slopes or cruise around on the long board for a bit. Then I can come back with a clearer vision of what I need to do. I like to push myself in new directions because it’s important to evolve creatively. That’s what keeps it interesting and fun.”

Where do you like to discover and experience music?
“I like to hear new music from friends, radio, family, TV shows… pretty much wherever I can. I like to mix it up because then I get a variety of stuff. I really love it when someone says “you need to check this song out” because it means they really like it and it is probably something new that I haven’t heard yet.”

Where have you traveled recently and where are you going next?
“We had some shows in Arizona and Colorado. Next up is Vegas!”

Are there any values/beliefs that you want to disclose?
“I think my values and beliefs come out in the music I make. I’m generally a pretty positive person so the music ends up being that way. I think it’s important to try and be a force for good in the world.”

Are there any additional thanks you would like to give?
“I would like to thank a few people: Our fans for always being so great and supportive. My family for being so loving. The team members I have that help realize the music dream. Overall, I feel really lucky and blessed to be able to play music and appreciate all the opportunities that I’ve been given.”

For more info and Ryan’s tour information: RyanShupe.com

Video: “Just Say Yes”