Robert Ledesma


The first solo album from Robert Ledesma titled Any Moment with the lead single “Can’t Hold Me Down” was released in 2017.

Robert says “Can’t Hold Me Down’ was written more as an “anthem” to remind people that you are powerful and capable of overcoming all obstacles. It reminisces on being a young teen thinking you “know it all” and basically too smart to learn anything new. These old ways will always get the best of you and growing into an adult and “looking in the mirror” to be proud of what you see is very important in life”

“The album lyrics for the entire album were co-written with my friend of 25+ years. We wanted to take a universal approach and not only write about our personal lives & experiences. This helped open our eyes to situations we may have never dealt with on a personal level but could still offer some insight or words of encouragement to ease the “pain” of the situation.”

“The album name Any Moment is an overall reminder that life is so precious and no matter how great or how bad it gets, it is possible that is can change at “Any Moment”. The album cover shows the San Francisco Bay Area’s iconic Golden Gate Bridge with an octopus pulling at the moon. This resembles the strength of the earth and the push and pull of gravity in the universe.”