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Photo: Raggs Gustaffe
Photo: Raggs Gustaffe

Working closely with producer Sonny Cole, reggae artist Raggs Gustaffe has made music to reach people’s souls. As a producer and songwriter, Cole brings a blend of reality, humor and a spice to the table. That blend is what drew him and Raggs into working together. Raggs is also a skilled drummer who has reached audiences far and wide from Jamaica to New York to Germany to Spokane, Washington.

Cole’s personal mantra towards life is “variety is the spice of life”, and with that he plans on taking his career to the next level in the future. Not only by continuing his work with Raggs on the upcoming release, but also working in a myriad of genres to show what he can do when put in different situations. He believes many artists have great products but not the presence to deliver it – and that’s what he brings as a producer. He wants to deliver those he works with to what he calls “the front page”.

Sonny Cole states that: “As a producer, I am very particular, and love similar…but different, which is why I opted not to just create a beat as is the norm now for hip hop…I went into the studio with a band, and a concept. The song “Only One Star In My life” actually wrote itself. I was a truck driver back home in Jamaica at the time…and on a trip back across the country from the other side of the island, I picked up a hitch hiker…she was fabulous…6 feet of gorgeous legs…LOL…how could my lyrics not flow to make her mine? Things went well until shortly after when she though I was hooked like a fish…the “Jerry Springer” moment arrived. I was speaking with her on the phone in my friend’s meat shop one night when she explained that she was not only married, but had 4 kids, and she wanted to leave the guy, a soldier, and move in with me and play house…and on and on…she had it all worked out. In the midst of her spiel I stuck a pin and the words came to me..Only one star in my life, and that is me and me alone…and I actually uttered them to her. After I hung up, I literally began to sing the chorus…and a song was born. The singer Raggs Gustaffe is a life long best friend, through thick a thin…a tested and proven friendship.
To me it is a no-brainer in selecting such a dynamic person and performer to lay his voice. The song was recorded at The Factory Music Group with owner Bryan Lash, who also played drums, as well as mixed and mastered the song. This was such a fun project. Everyone is looking forward to working on the next.

Sonny Cole: “For you entertainment take a look at the animated video…I am rather proud of it, and cements the heart of song and though..Fun man…Fun!”