PONCÉ – New Music

Nashville-based duo PONCÉ consists of identical twin brothers Carson and Michael Poncé. They are originally from Muncie, Indiana and have been playing music together since the age of 12. After one year of mandatory piano lessons from their mom Patty Poncé, Carson received his long sought-after guitar and Michael, his drums. Following high school when they played music with their best friend Jimmy Sandberg and after two years at their respective colleges, Carson and Michael decided music was still a serious pursuit of theirs and decided to move to Nashville, TN to attend Belmont University. Carson graduated with a degree in Songwriting and Michael in Video Production and Broadcast Journalism. After releasing a self-produced project as The Poncé Brothers, in the Fall of 2013, the brothers joined as guitarist and drummer for Daniel and the Lion. The twins then toured much of the U.S. with Daniel and the Lion and the band PHOX, ultimately recording in May 2015 with Daniel and the Lion at IV Lab Studios in Chicago, IL with producer Brian Deck. Upon returning to Nashville, the duo started writing and demoing tracks for what would become their 2017 EP. They released the track “Whoa Dakota” in late March of 2017 from their EP, Afterglow, due out April 28th, 2017. Tracks from the EP were recorded at Sound Emporium Studios in Nashville, TN.