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Milan Vrajich Jr. and Doug Kessinger formed the alternative rock band Nothing Ever Stays in 2004 and they are based out of Atascadero, CA. The band released the album Resolution on May 26th, 2015. The following is what Milan Vrajich had to say:

Milan Vrajich: “This album was our most aggressive and honest to date. There has been so much that has transpired over the years as a band and as individuals that we all some how grew apart and the focus on what made the band special and exciting to all of us slowly diminished. From getting out of band debt and having that hang over us for so long, We all were on separate schedules with work and some of us going back to school, getting married, starting families; it felt like there was this unspoken agenda that was happening that would ultimately end the band unless we chose to do something about it. Writing songs was my outlet to getting through it all and soon there were enough new songs that could form a new album.

We worked with a very talented engineer and producer named Tyler Tedeschi in Paso Robles, CA at 20 West Studios. It was an amazing experience working with Tyler and it caused us to rekindle that love for making music and creativity. I remember hearing a soft mix of one of the songs for the first time while doing vocal tracking and we all looked at each other with big grins on our faces because we were doing it! we were making a new album! The fire that we felt that had burned out was building up. We worked hard and took our time taking a smart approach to making this the best we can with the different schedules we had to work around to make this album possible.

“This is What You Get” is a song off the new album that helped me understand that it’s important at times to go with your gut feeling and lead with what you feel rather than what you see. There are a lot of themes on the album that point to having this second chance, believing in yourself, not giving up and in a way it’s an underdog story. We wanted to write songs that have feeling and pushed vocally on this record a lot harder than our previous material. We are very proud to still be a band and to have this new album out for everyone that has waited for it as well as those that have never heard of us, we hope they can relate and connect with us as a band so we can continue to make more music and play more shows.”

Album: Resolution


Nothing Ever Stays