Nonpoint – Music Video

After 19 years performing, Florida quintet Nonpoint released their ninth full-length album and first on Spinefarm Records, The Poison Red. The album was recorded in February of 2016 at Uptown Studios in Chicago, IL with Rob Ruccia and released on July 8th. The group is Elias Soriano [vocals], Robb Rivera [drums], Rasheed Thomas [rhythm guitar], Adam Woloszyn [bass], and B.C. Kochmit [lead guitar]. In early 2016, Nonpoint finished an almost 2 year run of touring behind The Return record released in 2014. The music video for “Divided.. Conquer Them” was released in late November of 2016.

Elias Soriano states that “This record tells a lot of stories. Going from guts to glory. Chasing impossible dreams down the rabbit hole. Harsh and honest words with consequences attached. Uncovered rules for the weak, made by the wicked and heartless. Recalling fight or flight moments with a deep breath. And it all starts with a warning to all the world’s generations past, present and future to look up, look forward and live their lives loose from social media shackles, online bullying, the devaluation of art and music, and to not be absorbed by the dramatic, megalomaniacal side of politics. Life is right outside of your phone and newsfeed. Go live it and play this record while you do. It’ll all start to make sense.”

Photo Credits: Eric Richter