Ninet – Interview


Israeli musician, singer-songwriter, composer, DJ, model and actress Ninet released the music video for the song “Subservient” on November 22nd, 2016.


How did you get started with creating music, songwriting and recording?
Ninet: “I started singing when I was 9 years old. I knew I was going to be a musician, and didn’t want to be anything else. I couldn’t really. I started writing at the age of 16. The first song I’ve ever wrote won a songs contest and it was pretty weird to me ‘cuz I got a reward for basically fixing my thoughts. The first time I took a guitar to my hands was at the age of 24. I’ve learned step by step with great friends-teachers I’ve come across over the years. My belief is that if you work hard enough, constantly and never give up-you will get wherever you wanna go.”

What major venues and events have you been a part of over the past few years?
Ninet: “Well, the biggest one was while I was touring along side Steven Willson (lead singer of Porcupine Tree) in Europe and the US. One night, he lost his voice when we were in NYC at the Beacon Theater and 40 mins before the show he asked me if I could sing the WHOLE show instead of him. So I said: give me a bottle of whiskey and I’ll do it easily (yeah, right. I was dying). But it was awesome!”

Who helped record and put together the music video for the song “Subservient”?
Ninet: “Subservient is a song I wrote two years ago, it’s not really hard to know what the song is about. The genius director, John Wynn saw the song in his head with this weird house and people dancing together in a long erotic dance. He managed to interpret exactly what was going on in my head.”

What are some of the things you like most in LA and what do you miss about Israel?
Ninet: “LA is so big and I’m sure I know nothing but what I DO know is that when you find good people- you know you’re in the right place. Two of the most beautiful things in LA is the sky (I can sit hours and just stare at the sky, empowering) AND inspiration baby. Blue and yellow and green inspiration. Love it. Israel is my home. I miss my home. My family, my friends, the food, the bars, Tel Aviv, everything.”

What do you currently have going on and what would you like to have going on in the future?
Ninet: “Our next show is at Hotel Cafe on December 10th, be there. I’m releasing my up coming album on February 3rd, FINALLY! And we have an upcoming tour in the US- stay tuned. And right now I’m recording my next album. Fun times in LA.”

What special thanks would you like to give?
Ninet: “I want to thank Jeff Buckley for encouraging me to grab a guitar when I felt too old and basically for changing the way I hear life. I want to thank Joseph, my husband and producer, for the fact that I AM alive. Without him, none of this would have happened. I want to thank God – love you bro.”

Photo Credits: Alon Merom