NAPIRAH – New Music


NAPIRAH aka Nareh is a South Sudanese recording artist based in the USA. Born in the height of the Sudanese Civil War, Napirah was forced to seek refuge in the neighboring country Kenya at age six. While in Diaspora, he went to various schools where he participated in music classes, poetry classes, choir lessons, music festivals and dance competitions. At sixth grade (Hilltop Primary School, Limuru, Kiambu District 1998), NAPIRAH became known for obsessively freestyling on Dr. Dre and late Tupac Shakur’s greatest hit “California Love”. His ability to memorize and deliver clean rhymes sparked the school’s poetry department interest and it landed him a position as a soloist to introduce the group’s poem at the Kenyan Musical Festival events.

He continued to showcase his talent in the inter-house competitions during his short stay at Senior Chief Koinange High School (2000-1) by participating in poems and dances. At the time, NAPIRAH became obsessed with “Mzizi”, the Kenyan television program that hosted hip-hop artists topping music charts in Kenya. He was fortunate to witness JAGUAR, who is now the top Kenyan recording artist during talent shows at Senior Chief Koinange Secondary School in the Kiambu District.

NAPIRAH’s ability to compose electronic music, write and produce catchy tunes from any genre has always landed him multiple nicknames like “Mr. Everything, Mr. Nareh (Swahili slang for fire), just to name a few. NAPIRAH considers himself to be a TALENTED individual. His ability to compose beats that keep his fans on the dance floor, record in any genre and compose music that suits generational change has earned him spots for recognitions and performances within the United States and Internationally. He has been fortunate enough to perform with artists like Dynamiq, PepsyJay, Adhima Kelele, Cobra The Venomous and many more Sudanese recording artists. He has recorded with numerous famous artists like Vinie Chwani from Kenya, Mawa J from Canada, Jackey, from USA and so many other artists.

NAPIRAH would like to thank his fans for supporting his music and making Nareh-Entertainment well known worldwide.