My Silent Bravery – New Music


The fifth studio album Breakthrough from My Silent Bravery is set to be released September 28th, 2016. The project comes out of more than a decade of performing and recording by Boston based singer-songwriter, Matthew Wade. The album features an array of producers including Mike Mangini, Peter Zizzo and Anthony Resta. From the album, came My Silent Bravery’s first single and video for “Drunk off the Sun”, which has already surpassed half a million views on YouTube and is featured on United Airlines’ playlist, “The Hits List”, throughout the summer, at 35,000 feet altitude, globally. The music video for the song “Warning Signs” was released in late August of 2016.

Matthew Wade states that “Warning Signs” is “a song about love and all it entails, some good some evil, but it is when two people fall in love and sometimes get blinded. There are all of these signs that maybe this is not meant to be, maybe the fighting is not working. It is about being so caught up in love that you can’t really see the reality of the situation. That there are all of these red flags and warning signs that the relationship isn’t going to work out but that you are just too blinded by love to see them.”

My Silent Bravery will be hitting the road at the end of September to celebrate this release with select shows with Eric Hutchinson, Elliot Yamin and Blake Lewis.