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Press Release


Alternative Rock legends Everclear will be performing at the famous Viper Room in West Hollywood on the 24th of November, with the concert being streamed in VR/360º live video as a part of the ‘Legendary Sunset Strip Goes VR’ series by VRLIVE. Access to the VR/360º live-stream is free, and can be accessed via the VRLIVE website (vrlive.com) or mobile app or through the lobby of the virtual reality program JanusVR, a collaborative virtual reality internet browser that supports the Oculus Rift DK1, DK2 and HTC Vive.

The sold-out concert will be the frst VR/360º live-stream for Everclear and is part of their tour to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the platinum selling album Sparkle and Fade and to promote their new album Black Is The New Black.

The live-stream is the first of the ‘Legendary Sunset Strip Goes VR’ series by Los Angeles-based broadcast network VRLIVE. Other concerts to be streamed live as a part of the series include: Nikki Lane live from The Roxy on November 28th, and Metalachi live from The Whiskey a Go Go on December 5th.

“Virtual reality may not be the last incarnation of media but it certainly is the next one, and VRLIVE will continue to be at the forefront of this impending revolution, providing first of its kind, live VR/360° experiences to millions across the globe,” said VRLIVE Founder and CEO Heiner Lippman.

VRLIVE is a first generation, VR/360° live broadcast network whose mission is to create, capture and broadcast VR/360° live entertainment, sporting and other events for today’s global, virtual reality audience. Immersive, accessible, previously unattainable and live, VRLIVE provides the ultimate VR/360° live experiences for virtual reality headsets (HMDs), web and mobile devices.

Live-streaming since 2014, VRLIVE has already filmed or livestreamed such artists such as U2, Coldplay, Demi Lovato, Johnny Depp & Alice Cooper, Ellie Goulding, Slash, Billy Gibbons, Rob Zombie, Annie Lennox, Perry Farrell, Travis Barker, Brian Wilson, Marilyn Manson, 5 Seconds of Summer, Steve Aoki, among others.

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Arcade Messiah – Album Release

Arcade Messiah is a new musical project from John Bassett. The music is a mix of Instrumental Metal, Ambient, Progressive and Post Rock Hybrid.

Review: “The music is heavy and sedative, which includes melodic tones balanced with trance riffs.” – New Millennium Music

Album: II


Interview with Vance Kotrla

What music videos, albums and releases does the band have out?

“Our newest single just debuted for our album Dust Among the Stars, which will be out in January, but before that we put out two full-length albums, an EP, and a few singles. The first album was …and surrender my body to the flames, in 2010, and our concept album The Ghost of John Henry came out in 2012. That one was a narrative and emotional re-telling of the John Henry folk tale. That whole story is probably rooted in something like fact, and it got me thinking about the actual people who would’ve lived those events – or whatever their real-life version was. I guess I tend to write songs around themes, or at least aggregate songs around themes, since our 2014 EP October was a collection of songs inspired by classic horror movies.”


What are the names of people involved with the musical project? Where did the band form and how?

“I’m the guitarist, singer, and songwriter, although I’ve played a few other things on the albums, especially the first one, but by the time we made the John Henry record, Jody Stark had joined the band as our cellist, and Mr. Mike is our drummer. That’s our live lineup. But, a typical rock band thing, the drum throne has had a couple occupants. Our drummer emeritus, Kurt, abandoned us for the opposite coast and just put out his first book, which is great, and we’ve had contributions on the albums from my dad on bass, actually, and my bewilderingly talented opera-singing friend Kristin Vogel.”

Who helped with the music production and other aspects of creation over time?

“I didn’t even realize I was making a record when I started recording the songs that became the first album. So that was all me, literally in bedrooms and hotel rooms with a couple of mics, an acoustic guitar, a heavily-thumbed recording handbook, and all the DIY trappings. Since then, we’ve had tremendously skilled people working with us on the albums. Jaron Luksa, who has done some great work with The Dresden Dolls, Amanda Palmer, and Neil Gaiman recorded The Ghost of John Henry, and Tim Moore at York Recording in Los Angeles recorded the new album. Tim has done work with Foo Fighters, Elvis Costello, a bunch of folks – he actually had Cypress Hill in the studio the day before my last vocal session with him. Jaron and Tim were both invaluable collaborators.”

What kind of travels/hobbies/activities does the band engage in?

“We’ve all got artistic pursuits outside of the band. I’m also a filmmaker and writer, Mr. Mike’s an illustrator and also plays in another band, and Jody works a ton, playing with a lot of outfits and doing additional audio work. For me, my filmmaking background has been a lot of fun to bring to bear on Sci-Fi Romance stuff, and I’ve had the chance to try things out in music videos that I’d never otherwise been able to. From incorporating projection into videos (Gulliver Foyle, from the first record), to doing a 20 year-spanning retrospective of my time playing music, going back to when I was a kid (The Morning Breaks, from the John Henry album), and getting to work a lot with public domain footage, which I love experimenting with (like in our new video for If I Fell).”

What were the band’s highs? What were the lows?

“In 2012, we were approached to contribute music to an effort tied to the London Olympic Games. I was in a hotel room in Florida when I got an email from London asking us if we could be involved, so I wrote the song that night, and I think we got together and recorded it the day after I got back. The State Department’s Hours Against Hate campaign was involved with putting together a collection of socially conscious artists, and tying it into this larger multimedia effort with mobile apps and concerts. Something wound up going wrong with the logistics of the whole thing, I never really heard the whole story, but I like the song we made. It’s called Walk a Mile and it’s up on the band’s site for download.”


Is there a meaning or message behind a newer song that can be revealed?

“The new single, If I Fell, that came out of how vulnerable we wind up being when we actually fall for somebody. Falling, you know, of any kind, it’s not a controlled thing. But you never really know if that other person’s really feeling the same way you are, and there’s maybe a gap between you’re about to just launch yourself into. So to me, the mix of imagery in the song is very sort of aspirational or emotional on one hand, vs. very detached and clinical on the other hand. When we look back on these moments later, maybe one of us is going to be really hurt, and the other one just sees it all as a blip on the radar – a memory in a file. But that’s the risk you take. And I think it’s a good risk. It’s good to keep the cynicism at bay long enough to fall, every once and again.”

What else does the band have going on in the future?

“Right now we’re concentrating on getting Dust Among the Stars out into the world. The next video’s in the works, and that’s eating up a ton of my time.”

What would the band like to have going on in the future?

“This project started out with me strumming chords on a borrowed guitar into a laptop in an empty room, and that became an album, and that album wound up on the year-end “Best of…” lists of several blogs. So even from before the start, I have continually been surprised by, and totally unable to predict, where any of this stuff goes. I like to think I’ll be open to whatever blows down the road.”

Is there anything that has helped in terms of staying focused and growing personal energy?

“It’s tough, without a doubt. But I think at some point, as you get older – and I’m in my mid-30s, I’ve got a family – the things that are just who you are bubble up to the top. My grandfather played music, my dad still plays music, and even though I write and direct things (and that was pretty much my exclusive gig for a number of years), for me music has always come back. Or, always come out, maybe. I don’t know what happens with Sci-Fi Romance in five years, but I can guarantee music will still be there. I think there’s a lot of value in letting yourself off the hook if you don’t have time in any given moment for creative projects. If it’s part of your DNA, there will be time. I take a ton of pride in my craft as a songwriter, and as a musician who continues to get better at what I do, and I think what keeps me focused on that is simply a love for the nuts-and-bolts of it all.”

Are there any values/beliefs that anyone wants to disclose?

“Over the years, I’ve heard people push back against the “folk music” or “folk song” label, as though it’s a pejorative. And I like to think Sci-Fi Romance has a pretty diverse sound – we can be loud as hell sometimes or whisper quiet, acoustic, electric, covering a lot of musical ground – that most people wouldn’t necessarily jump immediately to “folk” to describe. But the folk standard-bearers I still look up to like Woody Guthrie, Leadbelly, guys like that, they all had something to say, and to me, there’s a core of social awareness that runs through folk music that I’m happy to count myself a part of. I think anybody listening to The Ghost of John Henry will understand that I think people are worth more than money, and we have to be really careful not to blind ourselves to the basic humanity of those around us. Most of us are scrambling, making ends meet, doing the best we can, and it can be hard. Those are the stories I like to tell, because those are the stories that have always reminded me that I’m not alone.”

Video: “If I Fell”

Album: Dust Among the Stars


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DVD Release

Country band Lady Antebellum was formed in Nashville and has released six albums since 2008. The Wheels Up Tour began in early 2015 in support of the album 747. The tour began with concerts in Europe and Australia and then visited more than 50 cities in the U.S., with the final concert of the tour being held in Las Vegas on October 3rd. The DVD documenting the tour was released in November of 2015. The band was accompanied by opening acts Thompson Square, Kip Moore, Hunter Hayes, The Band Perry and more. (Photo: Lady Antebellum 2012 / Credit: Russavia)

DVD: Wheels Up Tour


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Album Release

Irish singer, songwriter and instrumentalist Enya released the album titled Dark Sky Island on November 20th, 2015. She has released more than 20 music videos and Dark Sky Island is her 8th studio album.

Album: Dark Sky Island

Enya – Dark Sky Island (Album Sampler)

Concert DVD – 5 Seconds Of Summer

(Photo Credit: Eva Rinaldi / 5SOS at the 2014 ARIA Music Awards in Sydney, November 26th, 2014)
The Australian band 5 Seconds Of Summer released the DVD How Did We End Up Here: Live at Wembley Arena on November 20th, 2015. The DVD Release comes just after the release of the album Sounds Good Feels Good in October of 2015. The band has more than 60 concert dates worldwide already set for 2016. 5 Seconds Of Summer is currently signed to Capitol Records for the 2015 releases. The band also released a music video for the song “Hey Everybody!” in October of 2015, which many people are commenting online that it sounds very similar to the band Duran Duran and the song “Hungry Like The Wolf”. The song “Hey Everybody!” has lyrics in the chorus such as “we can all get paid”, which is relevant due to the fact that Duran Duran has previously contracted with Capitol Records. Less than one month after the music video release, the video has more than six million views. The band formed just 4 years prior to the 2015 releases and they were initially recognized by posting cover song videos on the Internet and joining a tour with the band One Direction. The band Duran Duran released the original album titled Paper Gods with Warner Bros. Records on September 11th, 2015.

DVD: How Did We End Up Here: Live at Wembley Arena


Album: Paper Gods (Duran Duran)