Interview with Andrew Velikanje of MOTION

Members(MOTION): Tony Poetzman(Drums), Adam Schaefer(Bass), Tyler Carlisle(Guitar), Sado Rabaudi(Guitar) and Andrew Velikanje(Vocals).

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Background: Andrew Velikanje of the Southern California rock band MOTION sacrificed almost everything about a steady and comfortable life leading up to MOTION’s launch into playing live and getting recorded. Opportunity costs to get the music project to the next level included sleeping in a car for around a year and thinking penny-wise. Then came a little inspiration from Mikey Doling of the band Channel Zero. Mikey ultimately helped MOTION by producing the music and writing a few songs on the self-titled album(MOTION) that was released in April of 2014. The band played around a handful of live shows following the album release and received international radio play as well as gaining many fans on the Internet.

Interview with Andrew Velikanje of MOTION

New Millennium Music: What is the story behind MOTION?
Andrew: “The band [MOTION] actually was my dream team of musicians, that fell into place due to an enticing record contract offer. Each member possessed tremendous talent, every practice was a test in humility. After a series of shows at House of Blues San Diego and other great venues, MOTION is currently in a ‘rogue status’.”

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NMM: So you got a chance to collaborate with Mikey Doling. How was working with him?
Andrew: “Working with Mikey Doling was an extremely humbling and expansive experience. I had met Mikey via several mutual friends, and having been a Snot fan from the beginning, I was very happy to work with him.”

NMM: So what happened? Why did MOTION split up?
Andrew: “Well, an agent/promoter had a short tour from Vegas to Havasu planned for us, and had launched a radio and Internet ad campaign. For one reason or another, the band opted out, last minute. For professional reasons, I had to pull the plug. I am still trying to mend the relationship with that agent/promoter and wish nothing but the best to all the previous members.”

NMM: What are you working on now?
Andrew: “I personally am working on expanding my musical horizons. I’m in the process of recording a pop/acoustic album, a reggae album, an experimental metal album, as well as a new MOTION album; by late 2015.”

NMM: Where can your current and future releases be found?
Andrew: “Everywhere, iTunes is great if you can handle MP3s.”

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NMM: What kind of travels/hobbies/activities do you engage in?
Andrew: “I actually have an addiction to donating time, to anything from wildlife care to Red Cross. I enjoy surfing, skateboarding, performing, and just about anything art related.”

NMM: You said something earlier about almost breaking your back surfing? Care to elaborate?
Andrew: “Well sure. So I really enjoy fast dangerous waves. I was out in the line up or whatever, waiting for the right wave, when a nasty double up rolled in. I made the drop, got to full speed, but bit a rail. I ended up falling face first onto a shallow sandy reef, with the board behind me. I literally folded over backwards, and pretzeled. My hip joints are still healing, and my back was inflamed for weeks (laughs). It was one hell of a wave though!”

NMM: Are there any music videos being worked on?
Andrew: “No new music videos, but a documentary film maker is in the process of making a documentary on my journey through life.”

NMM: What else do you or the band have going on in the future?
Andrew: “Besides a new album, a lot is yet to be determined.”

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NMM: Are there any values/beliefs that you would like to disclose?
Andrew: “Yes, actually. People of the Internet, New Millennium Music and beyond, please consider giving back. Time and compassion are much more valuable then money. If you are like me and don’t have much extra money, donate time. I love it, from feeding baby birds to folding clothes or mopping floors for Red Cross, it feels amazing to do something with no expected return, besides the pleasure of helping someone or something.”

NMM: Any closing words?
Andrew: “Yeah. Only the hunted words take flight, keep it weird to keep it growing. Thank you for the interview, and the featured artist spotlight with New Millennium Music.”

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Video: Interview with Andrew Velikanje of MOTION in May 2013

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