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Mike Body – New Music And Interview

Mike Body

New Millennium Music: What are the name(s) of the people involved with the musical project? How long?
Mike Body: “I have been working with a producer by the name of M.Bennett for about 10 years now, as a group (WeAre Bnc) and as a solo artist. He is responsible for most of my production over that span, which includes my album The Last Epistle and my new single “The Restoration.”

NMM: How did the music get produced? How did the videos get produced?
Mike Body: “I started doing Christian rap first with a brother name Kevin Alston, then I hooked up with M.Bennett and completed 3 solo projects and a group project, and as they say, the rest is history. As far as videos are concerned, I have been working with a company called New Mask Media, who shot 3 videos for my album The Last Epistle.”

NMM: What kind of travels/hobbies do you have?
Mike Body: “I like traveling, especially to Michigan to see some of my family and friends in the midwest. I love basketball, going to the gym, and of course creating melodies & writing songs.”

NMM: What were some of your highs?
Mike Body: “Some of the highs are being in the studio creating with my brothers, going to certain venues to perform in front of crowds that don’t particularly like rap, but witnessing their minds change from a negative to a positive after my performances is definitely a high.”

NMM: Is there a new album coming out? Any set release date?
Mike Body: “I have been contemplating about doing one more album, but I’m not sure. I think certain things would have to be in place in order for me to do a complete album at this time. When I released my new single “The Restoration”, I was inspired by my fellow Christians that have fallen away and felt too guilty to come back to the Lord. The funny thing about me is that I know exactly what I want to say on my next album; I just need some inspiration.”(Beats)…”M.Bennett where you at Bruh!”(laughs)”

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NMM: Are there any music videos being worked on?
Mike Body: “I plan to shoot a video for the new single “The Restoration” in the month of March.”

NMM: What else do you have going on in the future?
Mike Body: “Just trying to invest more in my community, church, family and continue to grow spiritually. I ain’t perfect and God shows me that everyday, so while I’m here I need to do more to get to know him better. On the music side of things, I have been nominated for 3 awards at the S&M Gospel Indie Awards this year. New Artist Of The Year, Holy Hip Hop Artist Of The Year, and Artist Of The Year. The awards show will be held in South Hill, Virginia on May 23, 2015 at the RZUA Headquarters.”

NMM: What would you like to have going on in the future?
Mike Body: “Hopefully release one more album. Plan a summer/fall concert to promote that album.”

NMM: What values/beliefs would you like to disclose?
Mike Body: “Never forget where you come from but don’t let it hinder you from where your trying to go.”

Video: “Seeing Giants” ft. King Medullah

Single: “The Restoration”


Photo: Mike Body (Credit: Mike Body)
Mike Body