MIEARS – New Music

MIEARS is the solo project of producer/singer/songwriter Michelle Miears, frontwoman of Houston-based electronic act, BLSHS. MIEARS’ forthcoming EP, Who Will Save You?, is due to be released on February 17th via Loose Narrative. The single “Directional” was released in January of 2017. Who Will Save You? is an emotionally driven, musical narrative which explores the compulsive and cyclical nature of relationships. Who Will Save You? follows MIEARS’ path through and reflection of her past and present relationships, and touches on the uncertainty of the future. A self-described melodic-pop soundscape, Who Will Save You? is a DIY take on melancholy pop music, complete with ethereal melodies and synthesizers.

MIEARS states that: “Directional is the second single from Who Will Save You?. It was written as a plea to someone close to me who was drifting away into depression. Depression is difficult to navigate and to cope with for the sufferer, to say the least. The caregiver or loved one has their own unique, deep water to emerge from and to navigate through as well. When I wrote this song, I was hoping to bear the weight of the sufferer’s plight, and felt that I could help them emerge victoriously from the situation. I learned quickly that, sometimes, the only thing that you can do is stay present and available. Sometimes patience and love are the only answer. Directional is a message of hope, pleading to be be the light at the end of the dark tunnel.”

Photo Credits: Arturo Olmos