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The duo MIAMIGO have announced the Soda Lime Love EP, including recent release ‘What I Want’ alongside three brand new tracks, released Friday the 13th in November of 2015.  The new EP follows on from their recent Hard To Love EP, released previously through MIAMIGO’s own label Indian Hop Recordings. The duo wrote and recorded the EP at their studio in Brighton with the four tracks pulling together a love story. Lead singer, Liam explains: “We named the EP ‘Soda Lime Love’ because soda-lime is the cheapest and most common kind of glassware, compared to crystal. It’s essentially a cheap knock-off – something that looks like the real deal from afar, but on closer inspection is more like counterfeit. The EP, in order, is the stages of a failed love story; ‘What I Want’ starts the EP with flaring libido, almost like the honeymoon period of a relationship, followed by the ballad-y, puppy love of ‘Seeing Two’, then the breakdown of the couple in ‘Nobody’, and the bittersweet conclusion and ultimate failing in ‘Last Summer’.

Video: ‘Everyone I Know’ (Audio)