Mia L J


Mia LJ – New Music

Teenage artist Mia L J released her debut music video ‚ÄúThis Livin” in May of 2017. Recently, she has been performing to sold out festivals and received attention from numerous record labels. As a multi-instrumentalist, she creates 100% of her music independently and tracks every arrangement on the record exclusively.

About the song, she says “I wrote “This Livin” at 15 years old. My lyrics are often inspired by the future — goals I aim to manifest — whether it be a specific experience, lifestyle, relationship, or material object. Anywhere from months to years later, I find relations to the lyrics of my past similar to self prophesying life through music. Now 19 years old, I’ve realized a strong connection between “This Livin” and my current life.

At 16 years old, I struggled with street / prescription drugs & alcohol quite a bit. After overcoming this battle with my mind & body, I’ve been able to achieve natural highs through day to day life and success. Hence the chorus lyrics of This Livin — “forget about the high life, ’cause this livin’ feels so right.” Taking things day by day while allowing myself to absorb moments purely for what they are has really helped in keeping my head on straight, hence “never want to grow old, let’s just take it slow.” The verse(s) describes my daily life in New York which has been a dream come true. Being able to conceptualize things into existence is incredibly uplifting. I can’t wait to see what the future holds!”