Maxïmo Park Supports Migrant Offshore Aid Station


Maxïmo Park – New Music

UK band Maxïmo Park released their single “Risk To Exist” in early 2017 and the income from sales will go to MOAS (Migrant Offshore Aid Station), a Malta-based foundation helping migrants and refugees in peril at sea. After taking a break for band members to pursue their various solo projects, Maxïmo Park recorded their 8th album Risk To Exist in 2016 at Wilco’s Chicago studio, The Loft, with producer and engineer Tom Schick.

Maxïmo Park’s Paul Smith says: “After reading a newspaper article about the amazing work that MOAS do, we felt the song’s issues aligned perfectly with the organisation’s founding ideal – that to do nothing when people are in danger is immoral. The song is all about the fragility of life and nowhere is that more visible than in the footage of the rescues undertaken by MOAS, where flimsy dinghies are overloaded with desperate people, literally clinging on to life. Even though the song was borne from self-expression and a more generally empathetic position, it became, to my mind, a rallying call and we felt that any profit from its sale should go to helping this cause.”

Photo Credit: Steve Gullick