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2016 Tour and Releases

Lupe Fiasco @ The Roseland Theater (Portland, OR 1/14/2016)
Lupe Fiasco @ The Roseland Theater (Portland, OR 1/14/2016)

The Chicago-raised hip hop artist known as Lupe Fiasco had his debut studio album release titled Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor on September 19, 2006 with the labels 1st & 15th Entertainment and Atlantic Records. He collaborated with many well known artists and had production help from Jay-Z on the debut release and has since remained in the scene. In 2015, Lupe Fiasco released the single “Mission” (a remembrance for people diagnosed with cancer) and the six track mixtape Pharaoh Height. Through social media, he announced that there will be multiple full album releases in 2016. The title of the first to be released will be Drogas. Lupe Fiasco has been on tour in early 2016, with concert dates scheduled around the United States.

Rachel West @ The Roseland Theater (Portland, OR 1/14/2016)
Rachel West @ The Roseland Theater (Portland, OR 1/14/2016)

The 2016 tour lineup was well rounded with various styles and artists from around the country. Some of the artists that have been performing with Lupe Fiasco in 2016 include Billy Blue, Rachel West, Vinnie DeWayne, ZVerse and The Boy Illinois. The full concert in Portland, Oregon at the Roseland Theater on January 14th, 2016 held a good pace with five opening acts that built up the energy in the crowd leading up to the Lupe Fiasco performance. One of the vibrant stars of the concert included Portland born and raised artist Rachel West. Her performance had a unique style and energy in the song beats, her clear voice and choreography. With just two male dancers with her on stage, she carried the performance very well. In 2014, she released her debut EP titled Aurum. She has spent time in 2015 creating and recording music for her next major release.

Photos: Lupe Fiasco (Roseland Theater 1/14/2016)
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Photo: Billy Blue (Roseland Theater 1/14/2016)
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Photo: Rachel West (Roseland Theater 1/14/2016)
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