Kylie Hughes

Singer and songwriter Kylie Hughes released the song “Heat” from her forthcoming self-titled album, set for release on May 26th, 2017. The following is what she had to say about her musical experience:

“My history as an artist started way back in high school, where most angsty secret songwriters get most of their material. Michelle Branch also debuted when I was in high school and she quickly became my teen idol. I started playing guitar and putting words to music and got hooked. I tried doing music in college but it never panned out and I had to purse it on the side, playing coffee shop gigs here and there and the occasional fundraiser. Since graduating, I’ve been putting everything into music. Picking up new instruments, meeting local musicians, forming a band and writing with everyone and anyone that wanted to.

My new music has been carefully curated from material since 2012. It’s definitely been a long time coming and a lot of songs written. But what you can expect is a mix of sounds because I’ve had a lot of influences and collaborations over the past couple of years. I like to say that it’s kind of like Taylor Swift’s Red album, because even though it was a “country” album, let’s be real… it was pop and even electronic. So I can call this self titled album “pop” but it’s also a little bit country, singer songwriter and rock and roll. Something for everyone.

My plan for 2017 is to launch this self-titled album and play it everywhere I can. I also love love love doing music videos. The first single of the album is “Heat” and we have a racy music video to go with it too. Think Talladega Nights meets Charlie’s Angels.

I worked with 5 different producers for this album and wrote/recorded in studios all over LA and Nashville, Tennessee. I think that is where the country element may have leaked in and I’m totally okay with that. Mark McKee is one of the producers that I started writing with most recently last year and his style really shaped the way the rest of music fell together. He set the bar high for energy on the album and he’s also happens to be the most chill easy guy to get along and write a song with. Our very first collaboration was “Gotta Get Out” that’s on the album and it was fun to combine a couple different sounds and phases to a song. It’s my favorite song to perform live.

Huge thank you to Jenn Littleton and Big Picture Media, all of my producers and cowriters and the people that have already been coming out to my shows for the past couple years. I see you and I appreciate you being there from the beginning.”