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New Millennium Music Interview With Katie Buchanan

Katie Buchanan

NMM: What is your current take on what you like to do?

KB: “Live, it’s my take on the blues trio: guitar, drums and a keyboardist. This upcoming EP in particular has a lot of Rhodes on it, in very prominent roles, so it made sense to swap in a keyboardist who could fill the low end but still keep the line up lean.”

NMM: What was the start of your musical influence/music playing and/or singing, songwriting, producing etc.?

KB: “I come from a long line of old school country musicians, so it was kind of a given I’d be a musician too. My grandfather put a fiddle in my hand when I was four, probably in an attempt to give some direction to all the “songs” I was making up and wouldn’t stop singing. From then I couldn’t stop learning instruments and writing songs. I finally got my hands on a guitar when I was 11 or 12 and I really started to find myself as a musician. From there it was just lots and lots of practice, stumbling through learning production, and figuring out where it all fit.”

NMM: How did the current band meet? How did the music get produced?

KB: “Katie Buchanan” really is just me, it’s a solo project, first and foremost. On record, it’s all me, I produce it, I play everything, I arrange everything. (Better ears mix it and master it, though).”

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NMM: How is the live performance energy and experience?

KB: “In a live setting, we’re very much a band. I met my current line-up through various musician friends, seeing them play live, losing members, gaining members, and the group we’ve got now just gelled instantly. I think of the live version of a song to be distinct from how it is on the record. We pull a lot from the recordings, but we don’t try to recreate the productions. From a practical stand point, we’re far to lean to do so. But for the type of music we play, breaking a song down to its most elemental parts and really digging into the groove of the song seems to work better than playing to or recreating a track.”

NMM: What were the artist/band’s highs? What were the lows (if applicable)?

KB: “Well, first off, any artist who tells you they haven’t had any lows is either lying to you or is doing something wrong. At least in my experience, finding yourself musically begins by figuring out what you’re not. The failure to be your musical heroes creates your own musical self. And that can be a rather sobering experience. Eventually, you work through that key-word work—and you figure out what you are. When you start creating work that speaks to that artist, it’s the most rewarding high. For me, it’s always when I stumble upon the right lyrics after chipping away at the wrong ones for ages. It always comes back to the creative highs for me, and then seeing if they hold up.”

NMM: Is there a new album coming out?
KB: New EP “GO” is out August 5th.

NMM: Any new music videos?

KB: “We just wrapped on a pretty amazing video for the title track, “Go”. I’m insanely excited about the concept the director came up with but I’m trying to leave some mystery around it. But a hint: it’s set in the 1940s and the director has a background in horror.”

NMM: Any thought on the future:

KB: “We’ve got a handful of shows before the release party in NYC this August, and then I’m plotting out some college town acoustic stuff for the fall. Then just more and more music. I’ve got a single planned for the winter and then I’ll probably do another EP next spring and hopefully get a some full band touring in.”