Kai Altair – Interview

(Featured image photo credit: Sequoia Emmanuelle)
New Millennium Music: What was the start of your musical influence?
Kai Altair: “I started singing and writing songs at a very early age. I used to lie in my bed at night as a little girl singing into a tape player and listening back to the sounds of my voice. The songs of the night were always there.”

NMM: How did the current band meet? How did the music get produced?
Kai Altair: “I met production team Dave Sharma and Dhruva Ganesan of Sub Swara through close friends in my dance community. We recorded my current album in Dave’s Sharmaji Studios after I created demos for us to work from on my own. Dave and Dhruva both play a broad range of Indian, Middle Eastern, and African percussion over a bed of lush electronics on recordings. We’ve had the oppritunity to collaborate with some of my favorite instrumentalists and orchestral arrangers in the world as well.”

NMM: How did the video get produced?
Kai Altair: “The video was directed and produced by my husband Zina Brown. I am blessed to be a deeply connected to a world of incredible filmmakers who came together to create magic for this project. We shot at a warehouse party in Brooklyn and a forest in upstate New York. Zina and I have created many other works of art together with Thousand Names Productions. Our other latest collaboration is Dreams Of The Last Butterflies (dreamsofthelastbutterflies.com), an award-winning short film that is currently touring film festivals across the world.”

Luz Maxine Nienow Castelazo

(Photo Credit: Luz Maxine Nienow Castelazo)
NMM: What kind of travels/hobbies have you experienced?
Kai Altair: “I love to travel, experience other cultures, and old places. I like to go to wild parties and feel the bass in my bones. I love quiet time by myself with one candle burning. I am a student of ancient healing, divination, musical, and movement traditions. I my spare time I play my acoustic guitar, study history, throw tarot cards, go for long runs in nature, and spend time with my closest friends and family.”

NMM: What were the your highs? What were the lows?
Kai Altair: Highs – “Recording Dreamwalker, performing at huge warehouse parties with fire performers and big drums, writing songs in the early morning after hearing them in dreams. Lows – Occasional NYC artist burnout caused by intensity and love of the craft with not enough downtime.”

NMM: What else do you have going on in the future?
Kai Altair: “I hope to bring my live show to festivals around the world celebrating transformation, electronic music, and wild creativity. I also plan to play live all over NYC, and really bring these new songs to my community. I just started recording demo songs for an EP as well. All of the songs will be recorded in 432 Harmonic Tuning.”


(Photo: Kai at “The Calling” shoot)
NMM: Are there any values/beliefs that you would like to disclose?
Kai Altair: “When I write music, I believe that the songs belong to everyone. Each one will mean something different to each person who listens. My intention is to draw music from a river of song that flows through all things.”

Video: “The Calling”

Album: Star of The Sea (released October 31, 2009)
Single: “The Calling” (released September 22, 2014)



Photo Credit: (Sequoia Emmanuelle)