Jared Scharff – New Music


Saturday Night Live guitarist Jared Scharff and his project Pearl Lion released the video for “Big Sky”, which features visuals that were captured by Dan Huiting and landscape footage from across the Southwest, including the Bonneville salt flats, Zion National Park in Utah, Antelope Canyon, Joshua Tree National Park in Arizona, the Mohave Desert in California and abandoned houses along Route 66 in Texas.

Jared Scharff states that: “Big Sky” was written in the basement of my sister’s house in Silverlake which was being used as a studio/sleep space for me. Me and my brother-in-law (Fitz and the tantrums bassist Joe Karnes) stashed a bunch of great gear in there like vintage synths/keyboards, vintage basses, boxes of guitar pedals, a vintage drum machine, etc.”

“During a visit to LA, I had done a video promo shoot for a guitar pedal called Big Sky by Strymon Engineering. One random day after the shoot, I plugged in one of my favorite guitars that I keep in LA, fired up an amp and dialed in this enchanting sound on the newly aquired Big Sky pedal. I started playing and out came the main melody for what became my song Big Sky. As a songwriter, I am always looking for music that takes you to an emotional space and as soon as I played those first couple of notes/melody the emotion and feeling struck me immediately. Every once in a while you get these gifts of music, as if you were a channel just letting the music flow through you and Big Sky was exactly that.”

“When it came time to make a video I hit up Dan Huiting (Bon Iver, Pitchfork’s “City Of Life”) on a pipe dream. I was in love with all of his Bon Iver work and I knew he was the person that could make landscapes come alive and reflect the feeling and emotion of the song in video form. To me, Big Sky always had the feeling of standing on the earth while looking into the stars, the night sky, space even. Something beyond this world. I think it has a feeling of groundedness that the synths and drums give you but a sort of mystical, ethereal quality on top that the guitars and the rest of the music take you to.”