Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Janita released the new single and music video “Traces Upon Your Face” from her latest album titled Didn’t You, My Dear? (ECR Music Group) in the fall of 2015. Completely performed through handmade puppets, the video features Janita herself as the main character – a puppet in her likeness. A Finland native, Janita (pronounced YA-nee-tuh), has been a Brooklyn resident since the mid-90s. Since the year 2000, Janita has released four full-length albums in the US.

The following is what Janita wanted to say: “Both the video and the song, “Traces Upon Your Face”, are about exorcising the ghosts of the past in order to move forward in life and learn to trust, love, and live in the moment. When I view this world from a place of fear or doubt, everything looks frightening. But if instead I look at new experiences––not as some version of things that have already happened in my life but instead with an open, curious mind––I have an opportunity to react and behave differently and see the world accurately, and, change my own patterns. People, places, and experiences may remind us of things that have already come before, but in truth they are completely new. The character in this video and the person who wrote this song (ahem…that’d be me!) are both attempting––and learning––to notice the differences.”

Video: “Traces Upon Your Face”