Jango – New Hip Hop

Jango is a Pacific Northwest emerging Hip-Hop artist born in Connecticut and raised through life experiences. Following his first mixtape The Pursuit, he went on a series of promo tours with artists such as Eazy E3, Hatch, Astray, and Crooked I, gaining an active and diverse following in the region. Jango’s next compilation ‘Alone By Choice’ is an in depth message driven project was released in late March 2017. The inspiration for the project came from Jango’s personal experiences and recent events that followed after the death of one his close friends. When asked, Jango stated “My hope for the project is to push the message that there is happiness in being alone. I hope the music is used in a way to comfort those who’ve found depression and isolation in today’s society, and teach them its ok to love themselves.” Jango knows the feeling of being detached all too well. At a young age he was forced to watch his mother and father split up, and found himself moving in with his military based grandparents. Never getting a chance to settle in, Jango was relocating every other year, state to state, until finally settling in Washington. Having been raised with a more global mindset, his influences range from artist such as The Fugees, Nas, and Ne-Yo, as well as Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, and Musiq Soulchild. Jango’s sound is a distinct blend of cleverly arranged bars, and smooth sung hooks. He has an old school influence that he utilizes with a modern original style to produce a well-balanced sound. Jango Co-Produced Alone By Choice and worked beside Multi-Platinum producer Jimmy Hill, to collectively bring a project that is equally commercial and artistic. As Jango continues to shape his signature sound, him and his team are working hard to establish a brand that will become globally recognized. Being an Independent artist in a region that’s not well known for Hip Hop, Jango brings innovative concepts and a unique social approach that transcends the typical artist.

Jango states: “Now that my project Alone By Choice has dropped I feel whole again. All throughout making the project part of me had a message I felt needed to be preached to the people; a message of happiness, one for those who suffered the most from depression and loneliness. The other part of me was struggling with the fact that I hadn’t made peace to my late friend Cam, who suffered from depression so strongly he took his own life. As I wrote each track I could feel the emotions and feelings from both parts come together into what you hear today. At the end of it all I truly found happiness in my own success as I worked on the project on my own. Alone By Choice allowed finally accept Cams Death and move on towards the future at the same time and because of that I’ll always hold this Project near to my heart.”

“The project has so many different emotions for me. That’s why certain songs you feel the need to get up and dance and others got you in your chair just vibing to the sounds. I felt the need to keep each track different cause each feeling I had towards the songs were different. Whether it was about being alone, love, sex, god, happiness, drugs, I wanted all that to be portrayed and spoke on in this Project. I wanted for my listeners to hear and know the real me and my struggles, and for them to see how I learned and fight everyday to overcome them.”