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(Photo: Jamey Johnson performing at Farm Aid 2008-Credit: Shelka04 at en.wikipedia)
Country artist Jamey Johnson gained country hit songwriter status in 2006 with the album The Dollar, which followed his 2002 self-released album. He originally moved to Nashville, TN on January 1st, 2000. To commemorate his 15th anniversary of moving there, he released the song “Alabama Pines” in January of 2015 under his label Big Gassed Records (jameyjohnson.com/news). Another single “You Can” was released in early 2015 and was being held back for about a decade until the right time to release it. The songs can be found on iTunes and @ jameyjohnson.com/music.


Photo: Jamey Johnson performing at Farm Aid 2008 (Credit: Shelka04 at en.wikipedia)

Jamey Johnson image